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Best Personal Finance Products for Individual Users as well as for the Finance Professionals Globally!!

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Video – Personal Finance Products by Ultimate FinPlan

Free Android Mobile App (Global)

  • Free Android App available on Google Play Store

  • Short articles on Personal Finance

  • Smart and useful Personal Finance Calculators

  • Your first step towards financial empowerment!

Ebook - Ultimate Financial Planning Guide (Global)

  • Financial Planning Process Demystified

  • Simple and easy to understand language

  • Step-by-step DIY Financial Planning Process

  • Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle App

Ultimate Financial Planner Software (Global)

  • Lifetime Validity & Unlimited Plans

  • Risk Profile & Asset Allocation

  • Plan for Insurance, Goals & Retirement

  • Budgeting, Loan Management, Information Organiser

  • Export Reports in PDF Format

Free Online Investment Account (India Only)

  • Highly Trusted Brand & Industry Leader

  • Zero Account Opening Charges

  • Open Account Online in 15 Minutes

  • Seamless Online Transaction

  • Investment research reports & readymade portfolios

Individual Users
Be Financially ATMANIRBHAR (Self-reliant)!


Easy To Use & Robust DIY Product Offering


Step I - LEARN

EBook - Ultimate Financial Planning Guide (Global)

Step II - PLAN

Software - Ultimate Financial Planner (Global)


Free All-In-One Online Investment Account (India Only)

Finance Professionals
Get More Clients & Do More Business!


Ultimate Financial Planner Software (Global)


Step I - PLAN

Quickly formulate self branded & insightful financial plan

Software avaliable in 3 Variants (Lite / Pro / Pro Max)


Identify client’s financial needs (Investments, Loans, Insurance, etc.)


Effective client engagement & pitch need based financial products

Customer Reviews

Excellent Application!

Nikhil is great to deal with and his app is excellent. He also is constantly figuring ways to better it.

Gary Guiseppone (USA)

Review for Advisor Variant

Impressive DIY Financial Planner!

I am not a financial person and I was not sure what to expect from Ultimate Financial Planner Software. But I have to say that I am quite impressed by this low key but high on content functionality tool. Even though I am an amateur at this and don’t fully understand all the terms, it has been made quite intuitively and I am sure it will help me when I decide to get some professional help with my planning! On the other hand I am pretty sure that with some effort I will be able to use this DIY tool in its entirety. So for someone who is interested and familiar with the financial terms it should be a piece of cake! Best wishes to the makers of this software, I hope they achieve what they set out to achieve.

Pinalee Nanda (Norway)

Review for Individual Variant

Best Financial Planner in the market!

This is definitely the best financial planner available today.. It’s easy to use, scalable and has plethora of features which are not available anywhere. It provides holistic reports which enables better decision making and superior financial planning. This is a gateway to attain financial independence!

Varun Jayaswal (India)

Review for Advisor Variant

Handy Financial Planning Tool!

I am not a very finance orientated individual focusing on expenses, savings and investments. I would like to give a shout to Nikhil as I have been using this planner for a few months now and it has helped me understand how I can plan my financial earnings and how much I can actually invest along with having sufficient savings. The dashboard reporting helps you give an overview of your financial status. The planner is very detail oriented and covers all the aspects of expense, investments, loan, savings, etc. I recommend this planner to anyone who is about to begin for long term saving and investments. Also, it is a great tool to track your expenses and do necessary amends wherever required.

Karthik Rajan (Dubai)

Review for Individual Variant

Awesome Financial Planner Software!

Ultimate FinPlan Software is very nice and beautifully made… very thoughtful and easy to understand… and almost all the necessities are covered… I first made my family’s financial plan today… it is very Awesome… Presentation is very nice… Financial Ratios also give a good idea of ​​your financial position… and also gives you a good idea of ​​where you are and where you want to go… Many Many Thanks for this software… 👍🏻

Atul Kulkarni (India)

Review for Advisor Variant