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Reliable Demat Account with Free Joining Benefits worth over ₹ 7K!

About The Account

Ultimate FinPlan is fully committed not only to help you in formulation of your financial plan but also to facilitate and make execution of your financial plan as easy as possible. Execution i.e. implementation of your financial plan would involve transacting into suitable Investment, Insurance and Loan products. Hence, Ultimate FinPlan in partnership with ICICI Direct offers seamless online transaction platform for your various Investment, Insurance and Loan requirements for customers from India. ICICI Direct is a highly Trusted Brand and Industry Leader in financial services which provides state-of-the-art online transactional platform to meet your financial needs. ICICI Direct account can be opened FREE OF COST online in less than 15 minutes.

Comprehensive list of financial products offered by ICICI Direct




Shares, Derivatives, IPOs, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Fixed Deposits, Gold Bonds, Capital Gains Bonds, Government Bonds, NCDs, NPS and more...

Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, General Insurance and more...

Home Loan, Home Loan Balance Transfer & Top-up, Loan Against Property, Loan Against Shares, Gold Loans, Personal Loan, Business Loan and more...

OFFER: Get additional joining benefits worth over ₹ 7K (limited period offer) from ICICI Direct as displayed below.

Open & Activate ICICI Direct Account

  1. Open ICICI Direct Account online in less than 15 minutes by clicking the above button.
  2. Please keep following details ready before filling the ICICI Direct Account Opening Form:
    • Aadhaar Card Number
    • Mobile Number to which your Aadhaar Card is linked
    • Banking Details: Bank Name, IFSC Code, Branch Name, Account Type Savings Or Currently, Holding Type Joint or Single (Please use bank account having holding as ‘Single’ preferably)
    • Photo of your PAN Card and photo of your Signature on a plain paper needs to be uploaded while filling up the form. Kindly note that your signature in photo needs to match with that available on your PAN Card.
  3. ICICI Direct account shall be opened and available for transaction in next 12 to 24 hours after filling up the online account opening form.
  4. Once your ICICI Direct account is opened and available for transaction, please activated your ICICI Direct account by buying Equity Shares of any company (delivery trade and NOT intra-day trade). The total value of transaction shall be at least ₹ 500. You may also choose to sell these shares subsequently as per your requirement and it is not mandatory to continue holding these shares in your account.
  5. Important: The joining benefits worth over ₹ 7K shall be provided only after activation of your ICICI Direct Account by buying Equity Shares of any company worth at least ₹ 500 as mentioned above.