Personal Finance Demystified!

About The EBook

Ultimate Financial Planning Guide is a simple, easy to understand and crisp guide to personal finance. This book is suitable for novice readers as well as for those who possess basic to intermediate knowledge related to personal finance. This book clarifies the myth that financial planning is just about investments. It is important to take control of household budget, manage your loans efficiently, protect yourself with adequate insurance cover, have a contingency reserve and assess your financial risk profile prior to planning for your important financial goals and investments. The book explains these key financial concepts and also details the process of comprehensive financial planning in a structured and simplified manner.

Financial Planning Process Demystified with following key topics:

  1. Organizing Financial Data
  2. Monthly Financial Budgeting
  3. Assessing your Financial Risk Profile
  4. Assessing your Income and Expenses
  5. Assessing your Assets and Liabilities
  6. Managing your Loans
  7. Assessing your Insurance Needs
  1. Financial Goal Planning
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Asset Allocation
  4. Periodic review of Financial Plan
  5. Financial Planning for various age groups
  6. Glossary of Financial Terms
  7. Sample Comprehensive Financial Plan

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