Software Registration Key

After you have purchased Ultimate Financial Planner Software, kindly fill the below form to request the Software Registration Key. This registration key shall enable your access to use the software.

Your software purchase details shall be verified and matched with the details submitted in this form prior to generation of registration key. You will receive Registration_Key.rKey file via email within 24 hours from with Subject: Ultimate Financial Planner – Registration Key. Please do check your Spam folder if email is not received in your Inbox within the stipulated time of 24 hours.

Registration_Key.rKey file needs to be placed in the same folder where you have saved Ultimate_Financial_Planner.EXE file. Please note that the Registration_Key.rKey file need not be opened and it is only required to provide you the access to use Ultimate_Financial_Planner.EXE.

Note: Please avoid sending multiple requests and also sharing requests for multiple Computer Ids.